The Book; Code Breaker

Unlocking The T-Shirt Printing Industry's Secrets To Success

As business owners, making profit can be a struggle sometimes.

  • Are you using drop shipping and making no money?

  • Are you limiting your designs with basic software?

  • Are you struggling to find new clients?

  • Do you have samples to show your prospects??

  • Do you have a volume pricing model?

  • Are you using LinkedIn as a marketing strategy?

  • Are you contacting local businesses and booking meetings?


Use our online courses to create your own designs and business logos.


Which is why I wrote this book. Detailed in this book is all the information you will need to start a T-shirt printing business, although the information covered here is fairly black and white and broken down into the machinery, materials, processes, drawing skills, supply chain, costs, pricing, that is only the glossary, it doesn’t give you the definitive principles of where to start. I have made many mistakes and just a few of these will save you some long term issues if you choose to follow them.

In my book 'Code Breaker'

I explain how you can avoid making expensive mistakes and instead succeed at building your own t-shirt printing business, you will discover;

  • Garment Decoration

  • Get your company set up

  • Systems

  • The Supply Chain

  • The principles of printing

  • Time to design

  • Time to set you free!

Quite simply to get started you only require a basic vinyl cutter, a heat press, some vinyl in a few colours, black, white, red, blue, yellow and maybe green, buy more of the white and black as they will be the more popular colours, sign up for the CorelDRAW free trial from our link at the back of the book to get started.
Most people will already have access to a computer so this shouldn’t really be an added expense. If you want to print photos or images then you will need an inkjet or laser transfer machine also. These can range from a few hundred pounds or dollars to a few thousand as we discussed but seek advice from one of the suppliers in your country.

In this book I cover:

  • Understanding your business niche, Corporate uniforms, Fun / Promo clothing, Build your own clothing brand, School uniform business, Working with drop shippers, Bare bones start up kit

  • Starting Up, Understanding your business niche, Corporate uniforms, Fun / Promo clothing, Build your own clothing brand, School uniform business, Working with drop shippers, Bare bones start up kit

  • Setting up a company & Trademarks, Types of businesses, Taxes, Key stages to starting up, Location of your store is key, Business software, CRM Software

  • The keys to success, What software do I need, What equipment do I need, Screen printing, Laser printing, Cut Vinyl systems, Print and Cut systems, Sublimation printing, Direct to Garment printing, DTG pricing tips

  • Where to buy T-shirts in the UK, Best brands of T-shirts to print to, How to make my own logo, Using clip art and iStock

  • Cut vinyl printing principles, Cut vinyl print costs, Laser Transfer principles ,Laser Transfer printing costs, Examples of print processes, How to Setup a Roland Cutter GS24, Understanding print positions

  • How to set up CorelDRAW, Hot Keys guide, How to draw your first logo, Understanding design and flow, Designing a Surf T-shirt, Changing the design direction, DTG artwork preparation, Laser transfer print preparation, RIP software for a laser transfer machine, Artwork prep for vinyl

  • Rounding up the book ,Useful links and resource, The video course module guide

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"It's great to get a stronger understanding of the industry from someone who is living it day by day. This is a great overview and a great read"

Glen Matten

“Even though it's a long book to read, it was time well spent. I definitely won't be making mistakes now"

Dr Joanna Martin, founder of One of Many

"Ady knows his stuff. A great insight into the industry. Very honest view. I had no idea about most of the things he spoke about, so I'm very grateful"

Kate Cook, International Speaker, Author, Nutritionist and Wellness Expert