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In this section we assume you have a business already, so let's get you integrated into South East Workwear and open the floodgates to opportunity. This is all about increasing your product range and providing more choice to your customers.
Our objective is to get you selling more designs and winning more logo contracts.
You can introduce - Direct To Garment - to your clients and deliver high quality product before any of your competitors - learn how...
We have created a launch strategy that encompasses all the business assets you will need - all in one place:

  • Software Design Course

  • Dropshipping Test Pack

  • Boost Your Selling Skills

  • Clothing Sample Kit

  • Product Guides

  • Rate Card

  • Referral Commission System

  • Advanced CorelDraw Course

  • T-shirt Hardware Course

  • Generating Visibility Through Your Content Course

  • Onsite Training

  • South East Workwear Affiliate

So we suggest jumping into the 'Boost Your Selling Skills' course where you learn how to use all of the business assets we created for you - so you can sell more and grow your business faster...
Then jump into the 'Advanced CorelDRAW Course' to get advanced design abilities so that you ca extend your design and logo work. The more you can design yourself, the more profit you will make.
Then jump into the 'Growth Funnel Journey' marketing course where you generate a lot more visibility through the content we create for you. This takes your online marketing to a whole new level and gets your business doing something that no other business out there is doing!
That's how you become visible and get found by your ideal clients.

Boost Your Selling Skills

I created this course to help you start selling faster. I reveal all of the techniques my sales team uses. This will get you selling into local businesses. The more people you talk to - the more sales you will makeā€¦


Advanced CorelDRAW Course

I created this course to help you get designing better logos. You will also be able to expand your product range and sell embroidery or complex printing designs. You will easily understand the relationship between machinery and equipment. Allowing you to start the Hardware Course where I show you how to produce your own clothing and where to get your machinery.


Generating Visibility Through Content

We interview you and use your answers to create blogs, social media posts, press releases, YouTube videos, eBooks, webinars, workshops, email campaigns, online courses, advertising and a LinkedIn sales strategy. Saving you Time, Money and Effort.


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