I have packed this ‘industry prospectus’ with a huge amount of the major features of a proposed literary work

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This blog covers Step 3 'Owning Your Future' and is part 5 in a series of 5

I have packed this ‘industry prospectus’ with a huge amount of the major features of a proposed literary work, project, business venture, name it what you will...
I’ve included enough detail so that you may evaluate it. I have outlined the major features, attractions, and services that you will need to use. This prospectus started out as a business overview to help explain why you should avoid wasting time and money on the traditional drop shipping hype that simply does not work as a business!
But it quickly grew into a complete step by step framework that outlines everything you need to know to generate a very successful t-shirt printing business that can easily scale into 6 figures. It’s taken over 5 years to create this framework and film the online courses.

This Blog is part of our “How To Make a Profit in The T-Shirt Printing Industry” Prospectus Guide – Click to get the full guide:

We have carefully and meticulously created the packs and organised the kits. It’s now down to you to decide on your next step. To help you piece all of these steps together, let’s go through them in order one last time.


This guide has been designed to introduce you to the logical step by step services that are required to make a profit within this $9Billion industry. If any of this content has resonated with you and you would like to learn in more detail - I have created a free introduction course - ‘Making a Profit in The T-Shirt Industry’ - simply click over and sign up.
Once inside you will see a series of short videos that I have created. Before purchasing anything from us I want to make sure you know exactly what to expect. That is why I have created a short walkthrough video on each of the courses and packs. Then we provide you with your 50% discount to make it a no brainer to purchase your first course - ‘Software Design Course’. Once inside this ‘Software Design Course’, your training begins. First we introduce you to CorelDraw and get you familiar with its tools and get you designing your first logo. This is a great way to learn a complex software.
I start you out with something simple and we slowly progress into more complex designs. This means you will be able to take one of your own designs from a drawing on a piece of paper into a complete graphic design - that can be sent to us for printing. We will get you creating some mockups, so you can start advertising your designs on Facebook or your website.

This Blog is part of our “How To Make a Profit in The T-Shirt Printing Industry” Prospectus Guide – Click to get the full guide:


Then in this course we go through the ‘Dropshipping Test Pack’ so you can feel confident about getting your designs printed and shipped.
There are different parts to every order and we step you through each one so you do not make any mistakes. We step you through your login to our portal and how to fill out the forms. This means you are up and ready to start selling your designs. If you want to follow our guidance and continue to learn more about turning this into more than just a t-shirt printing business, then you can move onto your next logical step which is the ‘Boost Your Selling Skills’ course.
Within the ‘Boost Your Selling Skills’ course we teach you all the tricks of the trade to get you selling faster and shipping more volume. You will get access to the same sales scripts that my sales team use that have helped us generate millions of revenue. Then we step you through the ‘Clothing Sample Kit’ - which is where we provide you with a heavily discounted pack of clothes that have sample print and logos.
We show you how to use these when visiting prospective clients and how they help you close business. Then we step through the ‘Product guides’ and a ‘Rate card’ that help you introduce a full range of different options as well as volume pricing.

This helps you avoid making any mistakes and makes sure you always close a deal with enough profit to continue to grow your business.

And as we have already mentioned, if you manage to find a large opportunity you have two choices. The first is to use your ‘Rate card’ and price it up. Although if you feel as if it requires more samples and maybe some technical design and print, you can tell your prospective client that you will get your printing team involved and arrange a follow up call. Then you register through our ‘Referral Commission System’ and one of our salespeople will get in contact with you. Then you can both discuss the opportunity and decide on the best call of action.
This would mean a joint visit or a conference call with yourself, your client and one of our sales reps. Our sales rep will take control of the entire conversation and do what it takes to close the order and get it shipped. You will be involved in all steps of the process and we can either ship the goods to you, so that you can personally deliver them yourself, or we can deliver directly to your client on your behalf. This is a great way of learning the trade and being able to win any size contract. Once your client has paid your invoice, we will send you your agreed commission.
Our objective is to pay out an agreed commission percentage that will incentivise you to find more of these opportunities. By being part of our membership you will receive a higher percentage portion. Then you have the option to carry on as you are or decide to invest in your own machinery. As we mentioned at the beginning of this guide, when you own your own machinery, you will retain all of your profit, which significantly increases your earnings.

But we advise everyone to go through our advanced training first to avoid making any mistakes.There are a lot of components that need to be considered and some additional training that you will need before making any investment.

Therefore we have created an ‘Advanced CorelDraw Course’ to make sure you are fully aware of what designs are created on what machinery and all the different techniques when using CorelDraw. At this level you will need to own an official license which is expensive. So you will want to make sure you understand the software and use it to its full potential. In the end this software will help you to win a lot more business than your competition.
Next you will need to learn about all the hardware and consumables. This is why we have created the ‘T-shirt Hardware course’ so that you know exactly what hardware you will need to invest in initially. This course teaches you everything you need to know and gives you all the direct contacts to call and get deals. As mentioned we even help with hands on training that can be done at our factory or via a live webinar masterclass.
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