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In this section we assume you have done the 'Boost Your Selling Skills Course' and using all of the SEWorkwear business assets to increase your offering into clients, the 'Advanced CorelDRAW Course' to create more advanced designs and logos to increase your profits, and the 'Growth Funnel Journey' to use your content to attract more ideal clients into your business.
So now it's time to take all of this knowledge to a whole new level...
We have created a launch strategy that encompasses all the business assets you will need - all in one place:

  • Software Design Course

  • Dropshipping Test Pack

  • Boost Your Selling Skills

  • Clothing Sample Kit

  • Product Guides

  • Rate Card

  • Referral Commission System

  • Advanced CorelDraw Course

  • T-shirt Hardware Course

  • Generating Visibility Through Your Content Course

  • Onsite Training

  • South East Workwear Affiliate

It's time to launch an advanced level of 'The Growth Funnel Journey' where we add new layers to your content and run an advanced advertising strategy. This is where you dominate your niche and open the floodgates to consistent, predictable and highly qualified sales leads who can be converted into ideal buying clients.
Then we help you invest in your own machinery. This means you will make 100% of your profits. We show you how to continue using our business assets but slowly take on certain jobs with your own machinery. As you make more profit, you can invest in more machinery until the majority of your business is your own and you are keeping all of the profits!!!

Take Your Visibility To A New Level

This is where we implement additional services to your content marketing. We amplify your awareness through advanced advertising. Once you understand what your 'HERO PRODUCTS' are, you need to center your advertising around them. This will make it so much easier and safer to invest in your own hardware so you can retain all of your profits.


T-shirt Hardware Course

Once you own your own machinery, you keep all of your profit. This is the reason why you created your own business. To help clients but in the process make enough money to fund the lifestyle of your dreams. So we make sure you can achieve this in the safest way.
That way you avoid making any mistakes and have the peace of mind that you can finance your hardware and grow your business. We help you each step of the way.


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