It is very important that you start this business small and learn the industry through our courses

T-Shirt Drop shipping course

This blog covers Step 2 'Build Your Business' and is part 4 in a series of 5

It is very important that you start this business small and learn the industry through our courses, gaining confidence and widening your product range and knowledge. The beauty of this ‘Boost Your Selling Skills’ course is that you will be able to offer your clients embroidered uniforms, which is like having tens of thousands of pounds worth of machinery at your disposal. Being able to offer embroidery to your customers will set you apart from your competition. We will teach you that printing has a very serious place in this industry. It must be used for specific requirements for your client and our ‘Dropship Test Pack’ will enable you to make money.
You simply start with the ‘Software Design Course’ to learn the fundamentals of t-shirt printing, then you move onto the ‘Boost Your Selling Skills’ course to widen your knowledge of the products and processes so you can start selling, and by utilising the ‘Dropship Test Pack’ you will be able to get your designs produced and shipped to your customers. And with the use of the ‘Product guides’ and ‘Rate card’ you will be able to offer an increased range of services from printing safety clothing to embroidered uniforms. This will help you grow your customer base and expand your business.
This course will give you the sales skills to confidently be able to close sales using a tested competitive pricing structure, via your ‘Rate card’. Unlike traditional drop ship models we give you a better pricing support system that allows you to make more commission and gives you the incentive to win larger orders. We will teach you how to use the rate card to upsell your clients and increase your unit sales. The ‘Rate card’ is a tried and tested way of being able to control a sales enquiry with confidence and convert someone into a client.

This Blog is part of our “How To Make a Profit in The T-Shirt Printing Industry” Prospectus Guide – Click to get the full guide:

The ‘Clothing Sample Kit’ helps make it easy to sell more because when your customer sees a real example of a polo shirt or a sweatshirt, they will be able to see the quality of the finish you provide. Having more products to show is an easier way to increase your sales. My company offers a full and comprehensive package of products that can cater for pretty much any industry that you come across. We offer a variety of different ‘Clothing Sample Kits’ to make sure you will have everything you need to make more sales.


We’ve created courses and packs that makes it possible for you to start selling and making money, with a product portfolio ranging from selling t-shirts, small business logos and corporate clothing to uniform designs.
Whichever level you decide that you want to work at from our course you can still make money, from starting off learning about the t-shirt printing industry and how you can use free design software to design and mockup your imaginative ideas, which we cover in our ‘Software Design Course’. Once you have created your designs and started promoting them online, you can move onto the ‘Boost Your Selling Skills’ course which teaches you how to use the ‘Clothing Sample Kit’ to start contacting business owners and showing them samples.
Then you use the ‘Product guides’ and ‘Rate card’ to discuss pricing and convert your prospective client into an ideal buying client. Now you have two choices, you either use our ‘Dropship Test Platform’ and we will produce and ship to your client. Or, if the opportunity is larger than you expected, you can use our ‘Referral Commission System’ that means you log your end user opportunity within our membership software, or simply email your own sales adviser at my company, South East workwear.  We will then contact your end user and help close the deal. Once the order has been delivered and paid for, we will transfer your commission.

This Blog is part of our “How To Make a Profit in The T-Shirt Printing Industry” Prospectus Guide – Click to get the full guide:


Our online membership allows you to see everything that is going on, which means you can keep your customers up to date on the progress of their orders. We can even assist with more samples by purchasing different versions of our ‘Clothing Sample Kit’, this includes more examples of clothes that we detail on our structured ‘Rate Card’. It enables you to offer your customers even more products.
As you gain more knowledge of the industry and build your own customer database you have the option to think about investing in your own machinery. As we mentioned at the beginning of this guide, owning your own machinery means you keep all of the profit.
This is where we have created 2 unique advanced training programmes that are specifically designed for people who really want to invest in machinery and take their business to a whole new level and start earning even more money. The first programme is the ‘Advanced CorelDraw Course’ which teaches you advanced software techniques that means you can create complex designs or logos. At this level you will be able to confidently walk into any business and take on any project large or small.
We also show you what hardware is required for all the different designs you will create. As we train you on the techniques and different tools, we introduce the different machinery that can handle each different design. This is a great way of gaining a deeper understanding of what machinery you might end up investing in. It is also very useful knowledge to have when you are talking with potential clients. You will be able to advise them on what are the better choices and why they are all different cost levels.

Then we have created another advanced programme called the ‘T-shirt Hardware course’ that is designed to get you familiar with using all of the different hardware.

We also provide hands-on training within my own factory so you can train on the machinery before purchasing it.
That way you can be confident in the knowledge that as soon as it arrives you can be up and running immediately. In my opinion, this is the only way you should start your own business. I want to make sure that you do this right and avoid making the same costly mistakes that I did. Instead, our objective is to fast track your learning experience, provide you with everything you need to test your market, build up a customer base and once you know that you can afford to purchase machinery and continue to win business, that's when we advise you to purchase.
Then you keep your profit, you no longer need to use our ‘Dropship Test Platform’ and instead you can confidently do it all yourself. We will always be here to help out with any projects that might be too large for your own equipment.

You simply continue to use our ‘Referral Commission System’ and win the deal and make the money.These larger deals are more likely to turn into repeat business and if you start to get more of these, once again you can start thinking about expanding your own hardware and maybe branching out into new areas. Within this advanced training, I will provide you with a document that details all of the companies I use to purchase my hardware, software and materials. This plays a vital part in your initial hardware investment, and your business overheads. My print team at ‘South East Workwear’ use the same equipment and materials that you will buy on the ‘Dropship Test Platform’.

Which means if you decide to invest in your own hardware and do all the work, you will be able to produce the exact same quality product with your own hardware. I have taught my staff to operate the machinery in exactly the same way that I teach you in the ‘T-shirt Hardware course’. This is how I know you will be able to make a healthy profit when you are up and running. To help you gain a deeper understanding of all the information we have been covering within this guide, we have created a free introduction course called - ‘Making a Profit in The T-Shirt Industry’.
Within this free course we provide you with a unique discount code that allows you to purchase the ‘Software Design Course’ at a 50% discount. We decided to offer a discount code within the free introduction course to all of the people who are serious about making money within the t-shirt printing industry. We are constantly adding new videos into this course to make sure you know exactly what to expect when you start turning this into a real business.

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