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There is a lot of noise out there within the t-shirt printing industry. You will hear a lot about drop shipping and how easy it is to make money. Well, I don't want to burst your bubble BUT it's simply not true.
If you are serious about starting your own business within this $9Billion industry, you need to start here...
We have created a launch strategy that encompasses all the business assets you will need - all in one place:

  • Software Design Course

  • Dropshipping Test Pack

  • Boost Your Selling Skills

  • Clothing Sample Kit

  • Product Guides

  • Rate Card

  • South East Workwear Affiliate

  • Referral Commission System

  • Advanced CorelDraw Course

  • T-shirt Hardware Course

  • Generating Visibility Through Your Content Course

  • Onsite Training

The easiest and fastest way to start out in the t-shirt printing industry is to read our prospectus, then jump into our free introduction course and then start with the - Software Design Course.
This will give you the foundation to make your next business decision. When you jump into the free introduction course, we supply you with a 50% discount voucher for the SoftwareDesign Course.
Making it affordable and a no brainer decision.

Prospectus Guide

Make sure to downloaded our free prospectus eBook. It covered everything you need to know to generate a successful clothing printing business. Click the button to discover what we have created to help you get started.


Making a Profit in The T-Shirt Industry’ Course

I created this course to help fast track your learning experience. It follows on from the Prospectus Guide and goes into more detail on everything you need to know. This course includes a 50% discount voucher as a thank you for joining our community.


Software Design Course

I created this course because your designs will win you business and get you earning money. So you need to make sure you stand out and get noticed. This means you need to learn CorelDraw - or at least get your skill levels up - so you can use these techniques with other software or free software. Forget about the software drop ship companies offer - it won't help you get sales...and that's what this is all about….


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