When it comes to growing your business it’s all about finding your Hero product

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This blog covers Step 2 'Build Your Business' and is part 5 in a series of 5

When it comes to growing your business it's all about finding your Hero product. This is the product that you can sell for a good profit and ship in volumes. A lot of people try to sell their own individual t-shirt designs which can be a hard option and it is difficult to create any real large runs for your business. Selling t-shirt designs rely heavily on advertising which means you need to become a specialist in social media advertising. This can be a long and costly option especially if your advertising does not bring in enough sales.
This is why we want you to be able to expand your portfolio of products. Yes, by all means still continue to sell your own t-shirt designs online but in parallel we want to start selling into local businesses or any corporate clients. You could also ask friends or family if they know anyone who might be interested in getting a quote for their logo designs or uniforms. You also have the opportunity to print clothing for many different fields such as stag and hen parties, leavers hoodies for colleges and schools. This is a great way to start out because you do not need to spend any money on advertising.
We even advise that you carry your ‘Clothing Sample Kit’ with you and if you see a business that looks like they have staff, walk in and ask to speak with the owner. Even if you do not win the deal right there and then, you ask for the next renewal date and make sure to contact them. Once your diary starts filling up with these types of calls, you will start to send out quotes and win new clients.

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Then you use your ‘Product guides’ and ‘Rate card’ to introduce all of your other product options and start growing your sales.
Eventually you will find yourself selling the same product to the majority of your customers and that is what we call the ‘Hero product’. Once you establish what your hero product is, you can use it to help start every conversation and slowly move onto the other products you produce.
Now you will have your own t-shirt designs selling online and a run rate business from the orders you get from small business owners. And don't forget that you have the ‘Referral Commission System’ to be able to walk into any sized business or corporation to discuss large volume opportunities.


You can use our sales team to back you up and discuss all of the details. This is a great way to learn from our own sales team so that you can advance your own business faster.
As you win new deals it is critical that you ask for testimonials and customer feedback. These will help you sell more in the future. You need social proof within this industry because business owners will never buy from you if you have nothing to show that you are a trustworthy business. We help you with this in the ‘Boost Your Selling Skills’ course and it is not as hard as you may think.

This Blog is part of our “How To Make a Profit in The T-Shirt Printing Industry” Prospectus Guide – Click to get the full guide:


The main benefit of building up a client base of small businesses and corporate clients is that they tend to order from you again or refer you to other businesses.
This is what your business needs because it becomes a steady and predictable flow of revenue. You can start to plan on scaling your business. You can either get more people to help you sell or you can buy more machinery and increase your production. Once you start making money you can invest in more advertising and increase your awareness. This is when you start to get new enquiries that can be converted into new clients.
If you find yourself winning a lot of embroidery business but can't afford to purchase the hardware, we have a ‘South East Workwear Affiliate’ programme. This is where you become a qualified and authorised partner and get listed on our referral page. Unfortunately, we get a lot of calls from businesses who need something printed urgently and because we already have a lot of large runs of products for our business that is scheduled in, we can't always help them.
This is why we have created a referral page so we can advise these business owners to contact our qualified partners who can do print runs in a much faster timeline. And because we know you are using the same materials and machinery that we use, we know your quality will be the same. We limit just one ‘South East Workwear Affiliate’ per town so as not to overcrowd the market.

This is another great way of growing your business and making money.

We have created everything you need in simple to follow courses. You will be able to stand out from the competition, start selling immediately, use us to produce and ship everything and win additional business with your sample packs or referral programme.
We have made it easier for you to expand your product portfolio to sell more into the same customers. We have also made it possible for you to win any size deal you find. You can either close these deals yourself or use our sales team to help support you. Then we offer advanced training if you want to move down the path of purchasing your own hardware and keeping all of your profit. And we have provided you with an affiliate programme to join our team and handle new enquiries we pass your way.
When you take advantage of all the courses we have created for you, it will fast track your success and help you quickly work out if this a business you want to build for your future. We will be running live webinars for all members where you can ask questions and get answers. This will be an important part of your learning curve because you can't do this on your own, you need people helping and a community supporting you.

When you do this via the path we have set for you, it will make all the difference between making costly mistakes and just getting it right so you can launch quickly and grow consistently.
When you do this the right way, you can actually turn this into a profitable business and create a very secure future for yourself. I have managed to turn this into a £1M+ business by following the exact same procedures but I never had this sort of help that I am offering you, with software training - sales training - clothing packs - product guides rate cards and drop shipping.

So I urge you to go through all of these steps and fast track your success so that you can start earning money and take your fair share of this $9Billion industry. When you invest in your future, it needs to be in an area that makes money and is achievable. We are offering you something that has been tried and tested. This is exactly what we have been doing to turn my business into a success and to this very day is allowing me to scale and invest.
I am growing my business, taking on more floor space so that I can continue to take on more business, employ more staff and dominate this industry. If you want to join me, I invite you to buy these courses and start implementing what I am telling you to do. And together we can all start making more money, building a future, a pension that will allow us to look after our own future, rather than rely on some empty promises that leaves us feeling disappointed and let down.

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