With my 20+ years of experience, I will show you how to run a t-shirt printing business efficiently

T-Shirt Drop shipping course

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With my 20+ years of experience, I will show you how to run a t-shirt printing business efficiently. I started out with my own sign writing business. I eventually sold it to concentrate on my clothing printing business. This change in career happened because I saw a gap in the industry to produce branded clothing.
This was way back when it was new and not so accessible to smaller business owners. The importance of branded clothing is still growing today and is a very lucrative market, reaching into the $9billion mark in 2019.
In those days there really wasn't any information available like it is today. Because I took a calculated risk, I purchased my own software and hardware and was able to print my clients branded clothing much cheaper than the larger manufacturers.
In this phase of my own personal business development I learned the hard way, making mistakes along the way and costing me time and money.
Because I was in control of the quality of the product I was producing and the software that gave me more flexibility with my creative designs, I started to win more clients as the word got around.

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Eventually I had built enough cash flow from my profit to open up my own store and fast forward to today. I now own a prestigious company turning over more than £1Million making uniforms and promotional printed customised clothing.


I now own one of the largest workwear retail stores in the UK representing brands like Dickies, Helly Hansen and legendary skateboard brands like Globe to bring in a younger client base. This journey has taught me a lot about this industry.
It's taught me how important it is to make profit margins on every sale you make so you can scale your business. I've seen how important it is to run effective marketing campaigns. I have learned the industry software and hardware better than anyone else, so when it comes to design I can teach you everything you need to know.
I have been selling for more than 20+ years in this industry so I can help you avoid all the mistakes I have made and see others still making.
Understanding how to create a profitable business allows you to make enough cash flow to invest back into your business for things like marketing to attract more sales and in turn, grow and scale even faster.
When it comes to the hardware I know all the major manufacturers in the industry, which means I can get you the deals you need and the hardware that will allow you to scale fast.

This Blog is part of our “How To Make a Profit in The T-Shirt Printing Industry” Prospectus Guide – Click to get the full guide:


Depending on your starting budget I can advise on the safest business level choice for hardware and software that still allows you to produce high quality printed clothing and branding that your clients will demand.
I have developed this three level business model to make it easier and faster to make a profit. My 20+ years experience will save you time and money - allowing you to quickly launch and be successful.
My company sells branded workwear and I am still being asked on a constant basis to print new designs and logos to clothing. This market is growing at a rapid pace and has been for a very long time.
I see so many people lose faith in this industry, when these creative people who have so much potential simply give up, purely because they have been told that the drop shipping system is the way to make it big and build your own unique brand.

I now use a unique mix of Google, Facebook, YouTube and LinkedIn to do my advertising.

We all know that you have to get maximum exposure and be seen by more people to make sure that you have every opportunity to grow your business. Over the years my company has grown and now continues to still grow by referrals and company exposure.
I see more people finding my website, viewing my designs, recent work and looking for the services that my business offers. I now use a unique mix of Google, Facebook, YouTube and LinkedIn to do my advertising. I know that in recent years I could not have grown my business without using the full range of social media platforms available to me.
These are fundamentally key to making sure that you are always visible and easily found by your customers. My google analytics help me to see how everything is performing especially when I run focused campaigns to grow certain products.

It is such a shame when I hear about people failing in the t-shirt industry and sometimes I blame it on the hyped up drop shipping industry. I see the market in an old school way where there are no shortcuts.

You need to put the work in to get the desired results you need.Take ownership of your business overheads and quality control so you can build a reputation, especially to be able to win in today's social media world where every new customer will read your current customers feedback.
It's more important now to own all the processes so that you can make sure everything is dealt with properly and you are always delivering to the highest standard. This also helps to produce repeat business and referrals which are a core part of growing your business. You will be putting your name to this business as I have done with mine and making shortcuts will not only cost you money but also your reputation.
I have used my experience and resources from my own company to create my online courses that have never been seen before in the industry. I aim to provide as much support as I can for all of the people who want to make a real go at starting up your own t-shirt business. There is a huge market out there and when done properly, you can avoid all the hidden pitfalls, move along a much safer path and quickly create a profitable business.

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