You need to invest in yourself and learn the right skills to avoid making mistakes that end up wasting your time…

you need to invest in yourself and learn the right skills to avoid making mistakes that end up wasting your time

This blog covers Step 1 'T-shirt Industry' and is Part 4 in a series of 6

This Blog is part of our “How To Make a Profit in The T-Shirt Printing Industry” Prospectus Guide – Click to get the full guide:

If you’re serious about turning this into a successful business that provides a sustainable future, then you will need to understand how important it is to make profit. Profit gives you the flexibility to reinvest back into your business and develop your marketing to increase your sales.
This means you need to invest in yourself and learn the right skills to avoid making mistakes that end up wasting your time. There is no point in learning how to do the same thing as everyone else to simply blend in and never get seen. You need to stand out and become visible to your potential new customers and business clients. The more you stand out, the more sales you make and the most efficient way of doing this is to use CorelDraw.
This is why it's the first thing we teach you! During the ‘Software Design Course’ we advise you to use the free evaluation period and if money is tight, there are student price plans or you can find second hand licenses on eBay for example. There is always an affordable option to help get you started.

CorelDraw will enhance your design capabilities beyond your wildest dreams and allow you to design t-shirts that stand out from your competition, and give you a much higher chance of selling, especially if you are going to start advertising on Google, YouTube, Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn.


There is no way of avoiding paying out for marketing. And don't forget that traditional drop shipping demands that you advertise to get sales.
The main challenge with advertising is that you want to stand out and get noticed. Companies like Teespring have an advertising campaign system that's boosted through all the same networks - so your 1 x t-shirt design gets mixed into a 100 million new t-shirt sku’s a year. How are you ever going to stand out amongst that?
To significantly increase your chances of succeeding in the t-shirt business you are going to need to understand some basic principles of running a business. This is a business, not a hobby, so don't treat it like one. There are two core principles you will need to understand. The first is to make sure you have a chance of being able to stand out from your competition. You need an edge.

This Blog is part of our “How To Make a Profit in The T-Shirt Printing Industry” Prospectus Guide – Click to get the full guide:


Something that will get you noticed and get you sales. This will be your design work. You need to have a high quality design that makes your customers want to buy from you and the best way to achieve this is through CoreLDraw.
This is why we created the ‘Software Design Course’ that takes you step by step through the basics of CorelDraw. These short tutorials will get you from beginner to expert in no time. We also provide an advanced training course for anyone wanting to expand their business and win more orders.
The second principle is to have a basic understanding of your business costs, so we are going to help guide you through the entire structure of launching and running your own t-shirt business.
We have developed all the steps that makes this achievable within a much shorter time period. We will help you with your mockups, testing the market, getting your first sales and then understanding what hardware will be required to invest in. This means if you end up deciding on purchasing your own hardware, you will make maximum profit. It’s all about money in and money out. The objective of running any business is to make sure you have more money coming in than money being spent on overheads.

You need margin, you must understand inventory, hardware and your overheads to succeed

This means you need to understand what your fixed costs and overhead are going to be and what your profit margins need to be, to survive. We will go through this business model in more detail later on in this ebook guide.
When using the traditional drop shipping model it becomes challenging to work from such low margins, and you learn nothing about inventory, hardware and overheads. All you have control over is your advertising campaigns and with such low margins, if you fail at any of your campaigns, you will never make profit.
The only way to survive and turn this into a business, is to find a way of increasing your profit margins on every sale. The only way to turn this into a profitable business is to own your own equipment. But first you need to learn how to use CorelDraw, start testing your designs and start selling.
This is why we have integrated my own company into a system for you to use. I have created a way for you to sell a complete range of printed and embroidered designs on a range of high quality clothing. This gives you the ability to sell any design or walk into any business and win their company logo design orders. Then we use our quality materials, printing machinery and ship direct to your new customers.

Once you start selling and making a profit, you can save up and invest in machinery and then do it all yourself.
This is how you increase your profit margins and become competitively priced to win against your drop shipping competition.
Being able to quickly adapt your designs or come up with new concept ideas will keep you ahead of your competition.

While your competition is using basic online software that is restricting their creative ideas, you will be able to generate professional looking products that will be much easier to sell. This is one of the most important parts of running a creative business.
When you are in control of your margins and cutting out all of the middle men by doing the work yourself, you will be able to dominate the industry. You will have more money to spend on advertising and still be more competitive on your sale price. What's important to remember is that if your competition is using a drop shipping model, it means they are operating on very low margins, allowing you to easily price them out of the game.
The only way to find out what designs sell the most, is to start testing the market. You will need to create your design and advertise them into your chosen niche. The fact is, driving customers over to your t-shirt designs has never been so easy. Paid advertising gets your product or service in front of millions of potential customers.
Google, LinkedIn and Facebook all have very easy to use analytic dashboards and they all connect into your overall Google Analytics account. So it becomes really easy to monitor how effective your adverts are at driving traffic to your designs.

This is how you build a powerful marketing asset

The more people you get clicking on your advertising, the more people will land on your t-shirt designs which means you can start to build a very powerful marketing asset. We teach you how to use tracking pixels to help build a targeted audience online. This means you can send specific adverts to them and direct them to your next design. You can also use the lookalike option to create new targeted audiences who are more likely to purchase your t-shirts. This combination means as soon as you create a design that starts selling, you can quickly grow your sales on autopilot.
But we don't just want you to put your designs on the internet and try to make sales. To help you win sales and get ahead of the competition we provide you with a Clothing Sample Kit’ that will enable you to show your prospective clients how their logos could look in different formats from embroidery to printing. Having this visual aid and physical product allows you to showcase your products and services that we will teach you in the Boost Your Selling Skills’ course.
We have created multiple business options that have changed the rules for this industry. If you wish to simply earn commissions from your referrals, you can enter your prospective clients information and details of the items that you have discussed onto our members only web platform. Once the referral has been accepted, one of our sales managers will contact your client and close the sale on your behalf. You will be kept in the loop throughout the sales process via email, so that you can see when the order has been won and when you will receive your clients order and when to expect the commission payment.